Available Ratties

All of our rats are being grouped into sections designed to allow them every opportunity to succeed in a new home.  IE: All of the "A"s get along with other "A"s,  "B"s with other "B"s etc.  Please do not ask to adopt an A rat with a B rat.  And we never allow single rat adoptions unless that rat is specifically available only as a single rat for personality issues.

Please note:  If you foster for us please abide by our rules.  They are for a reason.  We have lost two foster homes in recent weeks due to improper handling and feeding our smallest babies.  The fosters were terminated and we are now trying to undo some bad new habits with some of our babies.

We do have boy rats but this has been a really rough year thus far and we are quite behind on getting pics up. 


Girlie Girls

The A Team.  A is for Adorable.

Amy.  A shy timid little girl.  But learning to trust.

Angel.  Curious - in your face - wants love and yogis.

Annie.  A very pretty dumbo girl.  Very sweet and loving.

Ashley.  Super sweet girl.  

Astrid.  Oh so sweet and loving.  Appears to be very young.  Super sweet.

Our B Ladies  B is for Beautiful.

Barb.  She is a very confident girl.  Knows you have yogis and wants them lol

Beatrice.  Very striking markings and sweet personality to go with them.

Bella.  Her name says it all.  Beautiful in all ways.  Very sweet little dumbo girl.

Beverly.  Not a shy bone in her.  It is hard to get pics because she climbs on you before you can snap the shutter.  

Brittany.  Such a pretty lady.  Very sweet.

Our C Girls - C is for Cuddles!

Cassie.  She has some really pretty markings and very pretty manners to match.

Cathy.  So sweet, so precious.

Chelsea.  Curious, sweet and fast!

Crissy.  Such a beautiful little rat.  She appears to be a solid black.  And a solid little chunk of love.

D is for Delightful!

Deanna.  Very laid back - very sweet.

Debbie.  She is a pretty shy little girl.  She is doing much better now that she is safe warm & fed though.  And she is coming out of her shell.

Delia.  Delia is a striking blue over silver coated girl.  No pic can do her justice but this one does capture the silver shining through.  Very sweet, super nice girl.

Delilah.  She is a broken rex coated girl.  Very pretty with nice hooded markings. She is a little shy still but coming along nicely.

Della is a very sleek blue/fawn bareback hooded.  Very lively.  Most of her pics came out as blurs.

Donna is a broken rex dumbo mm hooded girl.  Very sweet but still shy.

Doris is super fast, a little shy and very curious.  All of her pics are blurry.  But she takes treats from your hands and is learning to ride shoulders pretty darn well.

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