Help with medical needs and rattie care.

100% of your donations go toward feeding, caring for and transporting the animals in the rescue. We are not 501(3)c and do not receive any funding, We do this on our own and we pay for everything out of pocket. We take in not only healthy animals but also the sick, old and unadoptable animals. Most of the animals surrendered to us are surrendered without cage or supplies so if we don't have a cage on hand - we have to provide one. We are also no-kill as we do not believe in putting an animal to sleep unless it is too sick to save. A donation of any amount would be very beneficial to us. We need better cages, we have boys who need neutered and we have a large food & bedding bill. Not to mention gas for our rattie runs. Your help would be appreciated.

Ongoing care.
Started: December 3, 2012
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We always need donations for the ongoing care of the rats in foster here at the rescue. The money goes to food, bedding, medications, medical care and transportation costs. No amount is too small and we are grateful for your help.

Top Donors

  1. Ian - $250.00
  2. Janet - $125.00
  3. Judith - $100.00
  4. Janis - $50.00

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