Ralphie has left the building!

Posted by Laura on March 2, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Well the start of the year was rough.  But Mimi & Ralphie have both been adopted by very loving homes! 

Im so very happy for both of my babies and their new families.  I need to send a big thank you out to the lovely ladies at K9 Campers in Seymour Indiana for giving both of my kids some great fun filled days while they were "seventh kids".  They loved being in daycamp and it opened up a wonderful world of meeting new dogs and new people in a comforting enviroment. 


Expect new pics shortly as we have new kids in the house.  First up will be Buster Brown a fabulous basset hound and Toto a gorgeous little grey/brown brindled boy who looks like he jumped out of Dorothy's basket in the Wizard of Oz.  Then the pics of our rattie boys will be posted. 

Beautiful Jessie isn't as scared as she was and has put on some very much needed weight.  She still has moments when she gets scared but nothing like her first few days here.  She is gorgeous and becoming a very confident lady.  Stay tuned for new pics of her as well. 

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