Oh mama!

Posted by Laura on January 29, 2013 at 2:05 PM

It is with great joy I can write that all of our October babies are spoken for and/or adopted. We have one run left to do and that is to the northeast. It has been a great experience all in all. Although there was some heartache with it. With the last breeder/hoarder intake we took in some very malnourished ratties. Some of who we lost due to the longterm neglect they had endured. They will not be forgotten by those of us who struggled to save them. They were unique and beautiful little souls and greatly loved.

All told - we had 259 adoptable ratties inhouse on November 17th. We are now down to just a few adults left for adoption. It has been a lot of work and tears. But it has been a time filled with gratitude. I am so greatful to our wonderful adopters and transporters. And to those who have been working so hard behind the scenes to make all of the transports happen. Pam, Shay, Amber and Nicole - you guys always stand out in my mind as people who love animals and do all you can to help them. And I am so glad you all decided to adopt : ) Dawn - thank you for encouraging me in my darkest hours. And for setting the ball in motion for the the long distance runs. Cyndi honey we tried didn't we? Love you all.


New business - we have received a call that a lady may have a pregnant rat and if it is she cannot keep it. Yippee! Its only one!! So I will keep you posted on that.


I will be getting pics posted of the available adults this week. Thank you for your support. You are all awesome!

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