Changes in delivery policy.

Posted by Laura on April 26, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Due to recent events we are now having to ask for a gas money donation for certain delivery spots. It has been brought about by people sending in adoption applications and arranging a time, confirming the time and then not showing up for the receipt of their chosen rattie. It is indeed their loss because the ratties are not removed from our site until the rat is in it's new home - so the ratties are still up for adoption. But it is a breach of trust than insures we cannot adopt to someone who could do this. It is unfortunate but we cannot subject our ratties to an hour and a half ride one way in some cases and the stress it brings about unless there is a great forever home as the payoff. The delivery donation is a drop in the bucket as to actual cost of delivery - it is more of a "good faith" donation. Delivery donation information is posted on our "About Us" page. Sorry for the change - to previous adopters our old policy still holds true.

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