Babies & cages & rattie trains oh my!

Posted by Laura on December 1, 2012 at 1:30 AM

Wow! It has been crazy here with all of the new babies in house. They are all a handful but my gosh they are fun. We have recently aquired 3 used Critter Nations (!!!) and we are thrilled! But unfortunately they do not have pans. So we are asking for donations to buy 3 Bass base pans for them. It will be a huge benefit for us and all 3 pans with shipping will be under $100.00. The Rattie Train is coming together. I am really excited. We have rats slated westbound for Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah. The northbound run is going to Michigan and on into St Paul. The eastern run is going through Ohio and on up to New Hampshire. So if you know of anyone on those routes who may want a little ratties it isn't too late. We are waiving all adoption fees and the runs are volunteer basis only - so there will be no charge. I just need the mini app filled out and 2 excellent references.

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