Back by popular demand.

Posted by Laura on April 6, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Well as you all can see we have a new website. It is wonderful for so many of you to have kept in touch with us over the years. Often this is a thankless task - but the rats are what it is all about. Wonderul little souls that we humans bring into this world and are responsible for. And thankfully many of my little souls have found their way into your homes and hearts.

Another great bit of news - a new rat rescue in Indy. Check them out on our resources page. They are just getting started so we need to support them as much as possible. We need as many people as possible out there rescuing and adopting rats. They are awesome!

Please feel free to contact us the same old way. Or you can contact us through this website.

Thank you all so much for being such great rattie parents.

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