The first rat we rescued was in 1980.  Since then it has been a love affair with a misunderstood and highly intelligent creature.  We do not have feeder rats - don't ask.  In our eyes there is no such thing as a feeder rat.  All rats are worthy of pet status - not just a pedigreed few.  None of our rescue rats are ever available for breeding.    If you are wanting to breed we suggest you contact one of many ratteries that surround Indiana.  We do take in rats regardless of condition and often they are pregnant so there may be babies listed occasionally.  All of the rats featured on our site are rescues.  We only adopt to adults over the age of 18.  If you rent you will be asked to give us proof that rats are allowed in your dwelling by your landlord.  Many landlords do not allow rats so bear that in mind while considering adopting.


Our fees are $10 per each single rat and must be adopted in pairs.  Adoption fee on neutered males is $40.00.  We do not "hold" rats - we do have to be open to the best possible home available at that moment.  However that being said - if you know for sure that you want a particular pair and we have approved your application then you can hold that pair for a nonrefundable $10.00 payment through the donation page.  There is no refund option - so please be very sure.  The $10.00 will be deducted from the final cost.  The rats in our care are well loved, well fed and well cared for.  We do not have to "get rid" of them. 


We delivery to Greenwood Petsmart with a $15.00 gas donation.  Edinburgh Hardees across from the Outlet Mall $5.00 additional donation, Columbus Petco no additional donation, Seymour McDonalds right off the interstate for $5.00 gas donation, North Vernon no additional donation, Vernon no additional donation and Madison for a $15.00 donation.  Of course there is no gas donation needed if the rats are in a foster home in the city specified.  It only applies if we have to transport them.  We make various other stops but these are the main ones.  Gas donations must be paid through the donation page 24 hours prior to the meeting day.  This lets us know you are serious about adopting and will actually be there to receive your little rattie person. 

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